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Marty Garza

Vice President of Operations, East Texas

ENR VIEWPOINT: ACCE and Construction Education Accreditation

Marty Garza, Bartlett Cocke General Contractors Vice President of Operations, East Texas is also Vice President of The Associated General Contractors of America’s (AGC) Education & Research Foundation and represents the foundation on the American Council for Construction Education‘s (ACCE) board of trustees. Garza’s article on ACCE and Construction Education Accreditation in the Viewpoint section of the February 22/29, 2016 issue of ENR.

Why It’s the Power of One

Many of us who design and build globally remain active with a university construction education program long after graduation. We have altruistic reasons—to give back to the industry and institutions that gave us our career starts, and to ensure that the next generation of construction professionals has the best training to meet challenges not even known. But we also stay connected for self-serving reasons—to find and groom young talent for our own project teams, and to lead and grow our companies into the future. But it is time for us to boost our involvement beyond individual campuses. One powerful way to influence the future of our industry is to partner with the national accreditation process that is—and has been—key to continued improvement of construction education.

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