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Construction Services

Whatever your project needs. We deliver.

Construction Manager-at-RiskCollaboration. Communication. Results.

By engaging as Construction Manager-at-Risk early in the design process, Bartlett Cocke General Contractors brings added value during preconstruction to help keep the project within budget and on schedule, while developing a guaranteed maximum price (GMP) for your project. We focus on fostering a collaborative environment built on frequent and open communication. As your CM-at-Risk, we are responsible for dealing with such issues as jobsite safety and security, subcontractor selection and management, fluctuations in material prices, schedule adherence, construction means and methods and quality.

Bartlett Cocke General Contractors was a pioneer in the CM-at-Risk project delivery method. We were selected for the first CM-at-Risk contract awarded by a public institution in Texas, the Pearsall Independent School District, and we were selected for the first CM-at-Risk contract awarded by the University of Texas System.

Our success has led to our firm being ranked consistently among the top CM-at-Risk firms in Texas.  Call us today to learn how we can help you achieve the best value for your construction investment.

Design/BuildCreative Vision. Superior Execution.

When properly executed, Design-Build – a delivery method under which the owner contracts with one entity to both design and build their project – results in an alliance between the designer and builder that fosters collaboration and teamwork. This can provide numerous benefits to you, including:






Singular Responsibility – A single point of contact means you can focus on the project rather than managing multiple contracts and entities. And because we’re all in this together, everyone works in a collaborative environment to find solutions to challenges that arise.

Faster Delivery – Total delivery time is reduced because construction commences before design is finished. Also bidding periods and redesign are eliminated. Resulting time savings means lower costs and earlier occupancy in your new facility.

Cost Savings – An integrated design and construction team works more effectively and is focused on efficiency and innovation.

Total Accountability – One entity is responsible for cost, schedule, quality and performance.

Improved Risk Management – Change orders are virtually eliminated because the design-build entity assumes the responsibility for developing drawings and specifications, as well as constructing a fully-functioning facility.



A selection of Design-Build projects we’ve delivered:

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General ContractingProfessional. Reliable. Innovative.

Bartlett Cocke General Contractors provides industry leading full-service General Contracting including day-to-day oversight of the construction process, management of trades and vendors, as well as coordination of project communications.  Our knowledgeable teams of construction professionals utilize detailed scheduling, implement effective cost control strategies, and deliver quality-built facilities through an open-book and collaborative process.  We make sure we have a comprehensive understanding of your project vision and goals. Then we go about surpassing them.


A selection of General Contracting projects we’ve delivered:

Ceasar M. Ponce QuotesThe Bartlett Cocke Team has built a solid reputation for success on NISD projects with demanding and challenging issues and schedules. Their success is built upon a commitment to excellence through Teamwork, Dedication, Planning, Organization and Communication.

Integrated Project DeliveryIntegrated Project Delivery

Bartlett Cocke General Contractors employs the Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) methodology and philosophy. We fully integrate our project teams in order to take advantage of the knowledge, skills, resources and experience of all team members to amplify the project outcome.






Utilizing the IPD philosophy, we foster a collaborative effort amongst the design, construction and facilities operations teams throughout the entire duration of the project. By working together as a unified team and leveraging the capabilities of BIM, we are able to realize each of the following goals:

  • Project completed on-time and within budget
  • Reduce waste by maximizing prefabrication using enhanced, 3D coordination
  • Optimize quality and reduce rework through virtual prototyping prior to field installation
  • Increase field productivity and improve safety by reducing onsite exposure through prefabrication
  • Increase levels of understanding, collaboration and communication project-wide
  • Increase levels of document and trade coordination
  • Reduce RFIs and ASIs
  • Streamline data & documentation collection process for integration with the Building Maintenance Management System

Preconstruction ServicesComprehensive Planning. Proactive Solutions.

Project success is determined long before the first nail is hammered. Bartlett Cocke General Contractors plays an important role in providing you and your design team with the vital information that will maximize the ability of the project delivery team to best meet your quality, function, aesthetic and budget goals in the shortest timeframe.






  • Conceptual Budgeting
  • Constructability Review
  • Value Analysis
  • Life Cycle Costing
  • Materials and Methods
  • Selection Analysis
  • Site Logistics Planning
  • Construction Phasing
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Equipment Review and Coordination
  • Diversity Development and Outreach
  • Subcontractor and Supplier Solicitation

A selection of Preconstruction projects we’ve delivered:

This team approach creates synergy that provides important leadership continuity and results in better coordination and transfer of knowledge in the field during construction.

Our Lady of the Lake University Main Building Renovation

Darrell Glasscock Quotes[Bartlett Cocke General Contractors'] collaboration with the design team, through the Construction-Manager-at-Risk project delivery method, was exemplary. They were not only frugal in finding solutions for construction challenges, through their experience and expertise, but they were also very sincere in preserving the historic nature of the building.

BIMVisualizing the Future. Enhancing Building Performance.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is becoming a widely accepted tool in the construction industry because of its ability to maximize value, optimize schedule efficiency, improve safety and assure superior project quality. For more than five years, Bartlett Cocke General Contractors has utilized BIM from preconstruction to construction and beyond.

From the outset, BIM becomes an effective tool for communicating design intent, allowing stakeholders to see a virtual image of what their building will look like inside and out. Thanks to the ability to identify conflicts and constructability issues before they materialize in the field, less rework leads to less cost.

Further, for those projects delivered under a GMP, project savings are returned to the owner. And in many instances, our clients benefit from ease of maintenance and enhanced facility performance because the building model can provide consolidated and thorough information on operations, maintenance and warranty terms.


A selection of BIM projects we’ve delivered:

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QuotesHave you completed a project with us recently? Would you like to feature your experience on our website? Take a moment to contact one of our locations. We want to your hear about your project! Contact Us


Our Earth. Our Responsibility.

As  builders, we realize we have a significant effect on our environment and natural resources. At Bartlett Cocke General Contractors, we are committed to finding ways to impact our environment in a positive way. Many of these solutions, like selecting local building materials or collecting rainwater, don’t require a costly investment.

We are continuously searching for and implementing innovative techniques that utilize less non-renewable energy, reduce pollution and wastes, and cost fewer energy dollars. Through Life Cycle and Life Cycle Cost Analysis, we can look at the building envelope and mechanical/ electrical systems to help you better define your operational and energy performance goals so you can make informed cost decisions and determine your best return on investment.

While a number of our projects have received certification through LEED, TX-CHPS, the Austin Energy 3-Star and Green Advantage programs, many of our clients have implemented sustainable principles without seeking certification. All of these projects have resulted in significant savings for our owners, in terms of both construction and energy costs.

Sustainable principles we’ve employed include:

  • Protecting existing plants and vegetation during construction
  • Creating zones of activity, placing the most intrusive land uses as far away as possible from the most environmentally sensitive areas
  • Salvaging and reusing topsoil and excavated rock on site
  • Utilizing building materials native to the region
  • Minimizing transportation of building materials
  • Utilizing durable products with long life spans such as concrete, masonry, stone, steel and wood, to reduce the amount of future waste
  • Stockpiling refuse and designating construction vehicle parking only in areas that will ultimately be built on
  • Assisting with or performing total building commissioning
  • Separating construction debris for recycling, minimizing the impact on our landfills
  • Collecting rainwater and condensate, as well as utilizing greywater, for irrigation purposes

A selection of Sustainability projects we’ve delivered:


DiversityEmbracing Inclusion

Diversity is a core value at Bartlett Cocke General Contractors.  We are committed to and affirmatively embrace the concept of inclusion.  We work hard to include a diverse mix of subcontractors and material suppliers in the construction of our projects.






Our firm is unique in that we employ a professional dedicated to Diversity Development. Our Diversity Development Coordinator, Kay Dorsey is focused on outreach efforts to the Small, Minority, and Women-Owned Business community and works with our project teams and clients to maximize SMWBE and HUB participation on our projects.

For more information contact:

Kay Dorsey

Diversity Development Coordinator

(210) 655-1031 phone | (210) 655-1327 fax

Bartlett Cocke General Contractors has provided business outreach services to city, county, state and federal projects. We have a track record of assisting clients achieve goals rather than relying on good faith efforts. We strive to exceed the program goals for public projects and utilize Small, Minority, Women and Historically Underutilized Businesses. We are proud to surpass many goals.

Project SMWBE/HUB Particpation Owner Goal
Austin ISD, Anita Uphaus Early Childhood Center 22% 20%
University of Texas at San Antonio Athletic Complex, Phase I 29% 21.1%
University Health System – Downtown Robert B. Green Campus 64% 20%
Houston Community College, Southeast College Campus 51.3% 20%
University of Houston Lance T. Funston Communication Center at Jack J. Valenti School of Communication 30% 26%
Texas A&M University-San Antonio Multipurpose Building 48.1% 26%



A selection of Diversity projects we’ve delivered:

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QuotesHave you completed a project with us recently? Would you like to feature your experience on our website? Take a moment to contact one of our locations. We want to your hear about your project! Contact Us

WarrantyResponsive.  Thorough.  Accountable.

In our more than 54 years in business providing construction services, Bartlett Cocke General Contractors has never failed to honor a warranty obligation.  In order to provide continuity, the Project Superintendent of your specific project stays involved and is the single point of contact for all warranty requests.  This person knows your project inside and out is best able to provide immediate and knowledgeable solutions to address any unforeseen issues that may arise.

Our commitment to providing industry leading warranty service is the driving force behind 85% of our business coming from satisfied repeat clientele.


“One of the most significant and very important strengths of Bartlett Cocke [General Contractors] is to follow through with the final close out items and warranty items.”
– Greg Chavarria, Facilities Construction Division, Hays CISD